DIY Distribution

I suppose the DIY royal couple right now is Arin Crumley and Susan Buice.  It’s safe to say they’ve broken some new ground on innovative DIY distribution of their film, Four-eyed Monsters.

Talk about embracing Web 2.0. These two seem to live and breathe it, and in the process, have not only racked up some significant credit card debt (you can help ease their pain by registering free at, Spout pays them a dollar for every new registration), they’ve done the heretofore unthinkable — put their entire film up on YouTube for everyone to watch — for free.

Turns out, showing the film for free, along with the partnership with Spout, may be the most profitable thing they’ve done, according to Arin in his interview with Cinematical indie. Check it out, it’s an enlightening interview, you can read the transcript or watch a video version of it from Arin’s pov. You may learn something new, like I did: a new online distribution company, b-side. I looked around their site, read the FAQs, etc. What I liked most about them is (1) their pricing structure: you can purchase a download of a film and watch it to see if you think it’s worth buying the DVD, and the cost of your download gets credit as a downpayment to DVD, and (2) all their downloads are DRM-free. Sweet! I don’t know that their distribution agreement and deal is any better or worse than any other out there, but I think they’re worth checking out.
Tip: There are options for DIY Distribution.
Talk: Are you self-distributing your film? Post a link to your film, trailer, or other info, and I’ll feature it in a future post.


One Response to DIY Distribution

  1. Hunter Weeks says:

    We’ve done some similar things to Arin and Susan. After posting our entire film on YouTube I’ve also written a DIY Manual – if someone mentions this comment and/or a future post from you, I’ll be glad to email them the pdf for free. Good to see your post about FHTA up top. Lance, m dot, and Arin are all great guys.

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