Even Bruce Willis talks to his fans

One of my previous posts suggests reaching out directly to fans as an effective publicity tool.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started on your very first film, or if you’re a well-established filmmaker, or even if you’re one of the biggest celebs in the known universe.   In these days of Web 2.0, you really miss the boat if you don’t make an effort to talk directly to people, on the Web, about your film project. 

Check out this diary entry from indieprod.org. It’s an interesting piece from some DIY filmmakers that talks about Bruce’s chat with the fans on Aintitcool.com. These guys understand the power of direct fan interaction. So does Bruce Willis. Maybe you should give it a try?


2 Responses to Even Bruce Willis talks to his fans

  1. pinkbelt says:

    I totally agree. And especially for indie films and filmmakers.

  2. Mike says:

    Bruce’s birthday is March 19th. A group group birthday card has been created for him. Please stop by and leave a personal message! It will be delivered to his publicist.



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