Content + Communication = Interactive Publicity

Paul R. LaMonica posted an interesting bit on his CNN mediabiz blog about a recent study that suggests a trend by Internet users away from spending most of their time communicating via E-mail and instant message applications and towards spending more time consuming content, like reading blogs, watching videos, checking out profiles, etc.  You’re thinking “so what does all this have to do with film publicity?”

The exciting part about this news is that due to the explosion of social networking on the Internet, content and communication is melding together, as Mr. LaMonica points out.    No longer do people passively consume content in one location and time, and then travel to another place and time to communicate about what they’ve learned. Now we have instantaneous discussion, feedback, sharing.  We’re in the age of commtent (I just made that up, it’s probably not really a word…yet). 

Internet users are increasingly participating in online discussions about what interests them at the same site where they consume the content that interests them.  This  is a goldmine for filmmakers who want to reach out directly to audiences. Filmmakers who recognize the value of commtent in publicizing their projects can present their movies and attract the attention of audiences, and also facilitate same-site interactivity for discussion, sharing, and providing feedback on the films — instantaneously.  No more wondering and waiting to find out if people “might be interested in watching” your project. 

When you’re thinking about planning the publicity efforts for your film, you’d do well to keep this trend of the melding of content and communication in mind.  I think we’ll learn that more and more, effective film publicity will be built on the architecture of commtent.

Tip:  Film publicity needs to be interactive, providing content and facilitating communication.

Talk:  What are some ways you might achieve this for your next film?


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