Digital Distribution: survival tool for indie filmmakers?

This article from, while quite lengthy, and written by a digital distributor, does an excellent job of articulating the struggles of indie filmmakers to get their movies to audiences, and the hope that social networking and digital distribution provides.

Indie filmmakers have always been at an disadvantage against major studios, especially when it comes to promotion and distribution. And as the author suggests, it’s unlikely that indie filmmakers will successfully compete in the traditional fashion. Digital distribution, while it hasn’t exactly leveled the playing field, offers indies a cost-effective alternative.

As I said, it’s lengthy, but well worth taking the time to read.


2 Responses to Digital Distribution: survival tool for indie filmmakers?

  1. pinkbelt says:

    I was at a conference with Mr. Wolfgang Becker(Good bye, Lenin!) a few weeks ago and he called digital support noxious.
    He said the lack of precision needed to shoot with digital(cause you can make mistakes that won’t cost you your whole movie) was a problem for cinematography…

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for the comment, pinkbelt. Wolfgang Becker has an interesting viewpoint, and I know there are at least two camps, if not more, on shooting film in digital format. This particular blog post is addressing the use of digital distribution (download, streaming, etc.) for films, no matter the format in which they were shot, as an alternative, or in addition to, theatrical and/or DVD distribution.

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