Balancing Act: Traditional Publicity and Social Networking

Embracing Web 2.0, effectively interacting with the community of movie fans using the variety of social networking tools and sites is obviously something I advocate very strongly. Frankly, I doubt the wisdom of any studio or indie filmmaker who chooses to ignore the power of the conversations on the Internet. However, that doesn’t mean one should focus solely on the new media and forego the traditional press.  How much attention you focus on the traditional media depends, obviously, on the “star” factor of your film and how much money you have in your publicity budget, among other things. It’s a balancing act, even in the best of circumstances, and one that studios and independent filmmakers are still learning.

podcast.jpgToday I listened to a podcast on just this subject. A three-way conversation between Joseph Jaffe, Across the Sound; Chris Thilk, Movie Marketing Madness; and Kirk Skodis, Real Pie Media. After a blessedly brief three-way love fest, including a declaration of a man-crush that I’m sure will haunt the declarer for some time, the guys discussed how the film industry is reacting and adapting to the new media and social networking. They used several recent examples of box office flops and successes, from studios and independents to demonstrate what appears to work, and doesn’t, in film publicity nowadays.

Check out the podcast and share your thoughts about it.


One Response to Balancing Act: Traditional Publicity and Social Networking

  1. Joseph Jaffe says:

    I must admit I’m still wondering what to make of this man-crush declaration – part 2 should follow within the next week or two

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