“Make it incredibly easy for people to publicize your movie” – Scott Kirsner, Cinematech

I owe Karina at SpoutBlog thanks for bringing attention to a post that almost has me doing cartwheels of joy.

I think I heart Scott Kirsner.  Why?  Well, I often take the idea of allowing fans to help with film publicity and I pound it, over and over, into the heads of filmmakers I work with.  “Use the fans, use the bloggers, use social networking!”  Pound, pound, pound, until my filmmaker and production company clients succumb to my nagging.    And I’ve beat the same drum on this blog.  Sometimes it seems a lonely job.  But it’s my mission in life.  Or at least my mission as a film publicist who firmly believes that Web 2.0 and social networking must be incorporated into publicity and marketing campaigns for films.

So, when I read Scott’s post about his experience while attending a workshop on Niche Marketing at the IFP market, I felt like shouting “Yes!” and spinning a cartwheel or two down the hallway.  I love it when others also beat the drum:

“The lesson for filmmakers (and other studios): make it INCREDIBLY EASY for anyone who wants to help publicize your movie to do so. Production notes should be on your site, making-of clips, production stills, press releases, cast bios, your prize-winning recipe for beef stew, etc. “

Rat-a-tat-tat!  Thank you, Scott, for helping to pound in a great idea!


2 Responses to “Make it incredibly easy for people to publicize your movie” – Scott Kirsner, Cinematech

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