Publicity Tip – Production Notes

One important section of a film’s press kit is the production notes.   This section gives details about what it was like to make the film. Typical topics covered include, among others:

  • How the idea for the script/story came about
  • What the writer and/or director envisioned for the film
  • Why shooting locations were chosen and what they bring to the film
  • Comments and quotes  from the director, director of photography, and any other principal designers on particular cinematography techniques, set design, casting decisions, special effects, any information that provides  insight into the filmmaking process
  • Comments and quotes from the lead actors on what attracted them to the project
  • Anecdotal descriptions of particularly memorable/challenging/amusing moments during production
  • The production timeline: a brief description of what it took to get from concept to “the can”

There are plenty of film production notes available on the Web.  A quick google will put a wide selection at your fingertips.  


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