November 1, 2007: D-day for Screenwriters?

It’s been almost 20 years since WGA West and WGA East last staged an industrywide walkout.

According to this NY Times article, it appears the long period of detente betweenwriters-guild-of-america-west-logo.jpg WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers may be culminating in a final show of brinksmanship before the current contract period ends this month. 

Ironically, (at least as it pertains to what we talk about on this blog), one of the main sticking points for both sides has to do with:

“…residuals payment for movies and shows after their initial screening, including…when movies and shows are distributed on the Internet or through other forms of new media.”

Everyone in the film industry is still very much finding our way in this frontier called “new media”. With technology continuously evolving, innovation is providing new platforms for delivery and sharing entertainment content.   Those involved in creating that content, and those who fund it, are justifiably concerned about their rightful place in the frontier.

Things certainly don’t look particularly bright at the moment.  I hope, for everyone’s sake, that a compromise can be reached so all can get back to concentrating on the work of making movies.


One Response to November 1, 2007: D-day for Screenwriters?

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