Facebook gives filmmakers a new marketing tool

February 28, 2008

filmonfacebook.jpgChris Thilk gives a heads up about a new Facebook marketing tool, Film On Facebook. It’s free, provides apps for showcasing trailers and clips, audience reviews, ticket purchases, music player, and more. There are case studies describing how early adopters have been using the Film on Facebook application, and instructions on how to get started on creating a Film On Facebook page.

I think this is a great tool to incorporate into every film’s  publicity campaign.


Sundance 2008 – A Worthwhile Endurance Test

February 24, 2008

Note from Jane:  This is the first blog entry from FPH’s newest guest author, Karin Zauderer.  Since I didn’t get to Sundance this year, and she did (she goes every year),  I asked her to share her impressions of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My first celebrity sighting of Sundance 2008 was at the Salt Lake City airport. I watched Tilda Swinton navigate her bags and a European looking hunk from the baggage claim to her private vehicle. I had just pushed my way though the fifty or so limo drivers waiting for various celebrities including Bono, Seal and Danny sundancelogo.jpgGlover to reach the baggage claim. While the chosen few were whisked away in SUV’s, the rest of us die hard film obsessed commoners waited patiently to be called for the next shuttle to Park City.

 After a long two-hour wait, I finally found myself in the midst of eight strangers jam packed in a cramped van, making small talk and becoming bff’s for the hour ride to our respective condos and hotels. It was sort of like the Breakfast Club in a van. At one point the guy in the front seat says, “Did you guys hit Sundance last year? The movies were so depressing I felt suicidal afterwards.” We laughed and readily agreed. Ah the memories of Sundance 2007. The movies were provocative yet sitting through three raw, dark, intense movies a day is not for the weak hearted.

 We optimistically anticipated a more balanced selection this year. Little did we know this year’s film festival was to be darker and gloomier than ever. No wonder distribution deals were few and far between. Even those films armed with A-list celebrities went home without deals. Sundance 2008 was indeed dark, but did not disappoint. I can only hope these films find their audience. Here are my Sundance highlights from the first half of the festival. Read the rest of this entry »

‘From Here To Awesome’ update: how festivals fail; and an awesome solution

February 21, 2008

From Here To Awesome

Short films and mobile distribution

February 18, 2008

In his review of an article about Robert Redford’s support for reviving the short film genre by distributing them via mobile phone platforms, M3’s Chris Thilk thinks the successful business model for mobile distribution of short films will be subscriptions for ad supported programming with carrier agreements. He may be right.

And, as it happens, mobile distribution is just one of the many distribution platforms available to filmmakers participating in From Here to Awesome – a discovery and distribution festival. So if you’re a filmmaker with a short film or two, submit your short to the festival and be a part of the cutting edge on mobile distribution of short films.

The challenges of indie film distribution and online marketing

February 15, 2008

Variety’s Anne Thompson penned an analysis of the current distribution and marketing landscape for independent film.

DIY Distribution: the Honeydripper discussion continues

February 13, 2008

MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium“explores the ways the business landscape is changing in response to the growing integration of content and brands across media platforms and the increasingly prominent roles that consumers are playing in shaping the flow of media”.  Today’s C3 blog post from Ana Domb (which includes a snippet from my Q&A with Emerging Pictures’ Ira Deutchman) explores the possibility of conflict between John Sayles’ and Maggie Renzi’s desire for recognition of their latest film Honeydripper from traditional channels (i.e., an Oscar), and their decision to eschew traditional distribution methods for DIY and a national grassroots campaign.

Your film discovered in an AWESOME new festival

February 9, 2008

I occasionally volunteer my services to a film-related activity (seminar, educational article, festival, charity benefit).  I don’t volunteer very often.  I don’t have much free time on my hands, and frankly, I’m discriminating about which projects I want to support.   They have to fit with my own desire to advocate and publicize quality films, to educate filmmakers about publicity and promotion in the era of social media and social networking, and to support the art.  They’ve got to be something really special.

I’ve recently signed on to support something very special.  Actually, a better word for it is ‘awesome’.  Founded by DIY filmmaking pioneers Lance Weiler (The Last Broadcast, Head Trauma), Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters) and M dot Strange (We Are The Strange), From Here to Awesome – a discovery and distribution film festival is the first of its kind, and if you’re a filmmaker it just might be the perfect system to get your film blasted to audiences in theaters, living rooms, online and via mobile phones.


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