Your film discovered in an AWESOME new festival

I occasionally volunteer my services to a film-related activity (seminar, educational article, festival, charity benefit).  I don’t volunteer very often.  I don’t have much free time on my hands, and frankly, I’m discriminating about which projects I want to support.   They have to fit with my own desire to advocate and publicize quality films, to educate filmmakers about publicity and promotion in the era of social media and social networking, and to support the art.  They’ve got to be something really special.

I’ve recently signed on to support something very special.  Actually, a better word for it is ‘awesome’.  Founded by DIY filmmaking pioneers Lance Weiler (The Last Broadcast, Head Trauma), Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters) and M dot Strange (We Are The Strange), From Here to Awesome – a discovery and distribution film festival is the first of its kind, and if you’re a filmmaker it just might be the perfect system to get your film blasted to audiences in theaters, living rooms, online and via mobile phones.


Just the following makes FHTA awesome:

  • No submission fees
  • Filmmakers retain all rights
  • Filmmakers receive revenue directly from distribution outlets

Additionally, and perhaps what attracted me most to this new film festival, is the groundbreaking discovery and distribution tools being employed, as well as the educational components included.  Filmmakers can learn from the masters on how to harness the power of the Interweb while simultaneously building an audience for their films.  It’s beautiful synergy.

I think FHTA is going to establish a new model for the discovery and distribution of film.  I encourage everyone to check it out.  If you’re a filmmaker, I encourage you to submit your film (did I mention it’s free to submit?). 

I’ll be blogging more about FHTA over the next few months while I’m providing press and publicity support to the festival.  I’m really excited about working with the guys.  I could sense, during a recent telecon with Lance and Arin, the passion and the committment they have for this project.  Call it dramatic, if you will, but I think history will be made.  Be a part of it!


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