Short films and mobile distribution

In his review of an article about Robert Redford’s support for reviving the short film genre by distributing them via mobile phone platforms, M3’s Chris Thilk thinks the successful business model for mobile distribution of short films will be subscriptions for ad supported programming with carrier agreements. He may be right.

And, as it happens, mobile distribution is just one of the many distribution platforms available to filmmakers participating in From Here to Awesome – a discovery and distribution festival. So if you’re a filmmaker with a short film or two, submit your short to the festival and be a part of the cutting edge on mobile distribution of short films.


3 Responses to Short films and mobile distribution

  1. We couldn’t agree more…HungryFlix provides distribution to iPod, iPhone, PSP and more. Short films are the perfect complement to these devices.

    We are always looking for great content. Stop by and upload at

  2. bobby says:

    EmUbK9 Hi! Nice site! Where is a add to favorite button& 😉

  3. jasonbkohl says:

    I think ad support for short films could be somewhat difficult, as the market is so small. Online distribution via Itunes or similar services seems to be an effective means. I wouldn’t watch a short film on a mobile device, but perhaps I’m just old fashioned. Thanks for the post!

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