indieWIRE sold to SnagFilms

Eugene Hernandez has  penned a letter to readers of indieWire about the sale to Ted Leonsis‘s  new company,  SnagFilms

Hernandez voices his concern about “a recent assault” on independent films and  what indieWIRE can do to further support them:

Friends are losing jobs and it’s harder and harder to get a film out there. Yet, I look at “From Here to Awesome,” and the folks who made “Four Eyed Monsters,” or I hear about filmmakers launching their own DVD labels to support each other’s work and I am convinced that indieWIRE can do even more to support their efforts.

I’m wondering how this further support is going to be accomplished by selling what has always been regarded in the indie film industry, as well as in the media, as a scrappy independent, to an entity owned by the former AOL executive who has essentially become a professional sports tycoon and speaks of his fairly recent interest in film in terms of a philanthropic interest, or “filmanthropy”. 

Leonsis’s response leaves me wondering if indieWIRE’s indie days are drawing to an end:

“What I saw with indieWIRE was that you really respect the industry and the filmmaker – you embrace it and you celebrate it. And you try to be part of a solution as opposed to admiring the problem. Well, that’s what we want to do, we’re going to be the aggregator and distributor of the films. I saw that indieWIRE had big reach, and had real finesse and credibility in that community. And by combining our two entities we could say okay, we’re going to be part of the solution.”

Time will tell.


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