The Inauguration – my first-person account

Volunteering on the Obama-Biden campaign was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

inaugural_flag_logo_button When the Presidential Inauguration Committee asked for volunteers to help out with the inauguration, I jumped at the chance and applied right away.  I’m happy to report I was accepted!

This afternoon, I head downtown to attend mandatory volunteer training and receive my assignment.  Who knows where I’ll be assigned — working at the parade, or the National Day of Service, or the kids’ concert, or if I’m very very lucky, one of the official balls. Or I could be in a back-office working uber-behind the scenes.  It doesn’t really matter because I’m excited about helping in an historical moment for our country and for the world.

If it’s allowed, I’ll try to live-twitter the training today.  If I can swing it, and you’d like a small glimpse into the inauguration build-up from a volunteer’s perspective, follow me.   I’m also taking my camera with me, in case pictures are allowed.  In any case, I’ll be writing my impressions of the training later tonight (after I watch the season premiere of 24).  I’ll also follow-up with further posts about my experience as a volunteer in Inauguration 2009.


2 Responses to The Inauguration – my first-person account

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