About the Guest Authors

From time to time, invited Guest Authors will be contributing to the discussion and sharing their insights into the world of publicity.  Guest Authors will include a Unit Publicist who works in Hollywood on some of the biggest movies made; entertainment publicists who have their own agencies; and perhaps business experts from the world of digital media.  Our hope is to collectively provide some basic knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices on publicity for film.

Michael Klastorin

Michael Klastorin has worked in Hollywood for over almost 30 years as a Unit Publicist. He’s handled unit publicity for such movies as Back to the Future II and III (as corrected), Star Trek Nemesis, and Office Space, among many others. His filmography is available on his IMDb.com listing.

Karin Zauderer 

Karin Zauderer is a Marketing Manager, specializing in financial services marketing. She loves film, treks to Park City each year for the Sundance Film Festival, and is involved in marketing and promoting local film festivals in the Washington, DC area.


8 Responses to About the Guest Authors

  1. mek57 says:

    Just one minor clarification. I worked on “Back to the Future II and III,” NOT the original “Back to the Future.” I never take credit for something I didn’t do…ever. Except for the light bulb invention. Yeah, that was mine…

  2. This is interesting…. flashback almost 18 years and I find myself working on a cruise line meeting two awesome fellows named Mike. They are quite witty, make all the casino girls laugh and for a few years afterwards, we exchange Holiday greetings. man I feel old. Is this the same M.K.? I hope this finds you smiling and doing well. It would be great to catch up! take care! Nancy

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