Film and TV industry is hiring in the Washington, DC area

February 7, 2009

(Disclosure:  I’m a member of Women in Film and Videowifv1WIFV is a chapter of Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI), a network of nearly 40 chapters around the world.  Our members are new to the industry and media moguls.  Men are eligible for membership.)

While Hollywood and New York lead the way in production of narrative features, our nation’s capitol is also the capital of production in the US for non-fiction media.  Two upcoming events can help you break into the Washington, DC film and TV scene:

On February 9,  get your resume reviewed by leading industry experts at the  WIFV resume swap

Then on March 7,  take your new and improved resume to the WIFV Media  Job Fair.  More details are forthcoming. In the meantime, you can register and do some homework on the exhibiting companies.


Questions from the chat widget: Recommendations for producer’s reps?

August 21, 2008

An indie filmmaker named Susan IM’d me yesterday on my meebo chat widget, saying she was looking for a producer’s rep, but was hesitant to blindly respond to listings on the Web, and asked if I had any recommendations.  Unfortunately, she signed off from chat before I could finish composing my response.  

My answer is that I totally understand the hesitance to blindly pick a producer’s rep.  The relationship between filmmaker and producer’s rep is very critical. Even though it’s a professional relationship, personal preferences do come into play.  it’s very important that the parties share a vision about the filmmaker’s project, that they work well together. It’s a very indidualized relationship, and for that reason, I don’t offer recommendations.  Instead, I encourage filmmakers who are searching for producer’s reps to reach out to their colleagues, other directors and producers, and ask for their feedback on who they’ve been happy with in representing them.

There are lots of places on the web where filmmakers congregate to network, exchange ideas, and generally support each other and the craft.  One of my favorites, FILMCOMMUNITY.COM, is a good place to seek opinions from filmmakers on options and recommendations for producer’s reps.