Is news still news if it’s yesterday’s news?

May 30, 2008

Here’s an interesting concept:  crowdsourcing the news.  Even more interesting:  getting paid to crowdsource the news.  That’s Knewsroom’s new model.   One thing about it seems a bit off to me:  the freshness of the news.  Their process, in their words:

“The Knews” gets published every morning, featuring the previous day’s top stories in Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports, and Entertainment.

Just about everything is, or is moving towards being, instantaneous on the interweb.  Reading the previous day’s news smacks of taking a step in the direction of the Pony Express.  I understand it takes time for a crowd to, er, source.   And I applaud the Knewsroom’s efforts in democratizing news.  It just seems there could be a way to manage it so that they could present the news while it was still news. 

[Via mycreativeteam]